Monday, May 11, 2009

Dancing My Soul Out

I love these photos by Hal Eastman which show women dancers breaking free through dance in natural settings to reveal their innermost selves.

I like to dance in the kitchen. I'll be cooking the tea or washing up with the radio on and suddenly I'll get this incredible urge to 'let rip'. I crank up the music and literally shake my hair and booty till I work up a sweat. Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' happens to be a favourite at the moment. Now I'm not saying I'm poetry in motion as the above image portrays but boy does it feel good just for that short while. There's something about that movement which releases a lot of tension and really lifts the soul. I'm always smiling at the end. It's a bit like being in a church and feeling so moved by the spirit that despite yourself you just raise your arms up towards the heavens and allow yourself to be filled by the presence.

My kids are getting to the age where they are mortified by my outbursts but I have promised never to do it when friends are round.

I'd love to join this guy Matt in his dance around the world.


Jane D. said...

Thanks for sharing these links Suzanne, the dancers are beautiful and the video very moving.

suzi said...

I still think of that ribbon you bought at one of those early conferences Jane and pray for you.

Jane D. said...

still got it!

Twisted willow said...

Lovely blog, Suzi. Enjoyed reading back through your journey. Some lovely, evocative poetry and stunning photos too. Matt the dancer looks such a joyful person doesn't he. Even I, as a very bad dancer, would want to join in with him.