Saturday, July 18, 2009


photo E How


You lay me down. We acquaint by gradual movements:
a stretch, a curl, a turn, through nights of
restless dreaming. Impressed

I spring to the rhythm of your lovemaking,
taut and in my prime; absorb the whispered secrets
of thrills and emissions.

The cycle of the moon bruises, your musky scent
lingers. Our lives merge undercover in the flickering
shadows of dusk.

There are days when you rarely leave me - sad, lost
hours where you cling to my sides like a frightened child.
Reluctant to wake to nature's chime

you bury your head in me and cry soft tears. You are mine
again. Salt-stained wounds dry with time,
life and laughter return.

Now weak and sagging with years, I cradle your trembling
foetal form, feel your breath rasp,
hesitate and depart.


Inspired by Jean Sprackland's 'Mattress'. This one - before the embankment.

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Boomka said...

Case and point: "Moon Bruises"
Fabulous pairing.