Sunday, July 26, 2009


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Boxed in and pressed on all sides.
Shrouded by cloud and padded by double glazing.
Gone is the wide open blue of endless possibility.
I pace and sleep, pace and sleep,
I wait and wait, wait and wait.


It has rained unrelentlessly all morning the day before I am due to start my walking holiday in The Yorkshire Dales and I have to admit it has dampened my spirits somewhat. The clouds are so low, dark and heavy you can almost feel them smothering you. If only one could take a spear and launch it heavenward to pierce the grey and allow a chink of bright blue to to cascade down and lift one upwards. We know it is there, that is the hope for tomorrow.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great ekphrasitc moment - Especially like the "double glazing". Thanks for the post.

John Atkinson said...

Great expression. Chink the clouds with a spear is visual. I felt the day the moment that was hard to breathe.
Please visit my blog. Best, John

James Owens said...

Hi, Suzi,

I liked the work you were doing here, and I check Wild Primrose now and then --- but it has been a long time ... how are you doing?

Twisted willow said...

Like James, I pop in from time to time. Hope you are well.